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arliss: (redwoods mist)

turning leaves

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Location:United States of America
I'm female, married for decades to the same man, two sons, both grown and flown, one boomeranged back to us. After a lifetime of assumed heterosexuality, the last decade and a half has slowly enlightened me, as I've pondered and reconsidered that stance. My sexuality and my politics are left of center; while I personally engage the world on an individual basis, not all the world does so, and that needs work to change. Raised fundamentalist evangelical Christian, I've arrived at a satisfying non-deist pagan observance and practice.

After living most of my life in North Carolina, the state where I was born, H and I have recently moved to the PNW, and I'm very excited about it. We both love it here, and it feels like a fresh start, with a lot of our baggage left behind.

I'm ADD (withdrawn, not hyperactive), and have systemic psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, which require a proscribed diet to help manage pain and mobility issues.

I attended the NC School of the Arts, majoring in Drama and Voice, minor in Dance and Tech (sets, props, wardrobe), didn't graduate. My experience there made me a very aware audience, and I always want to know the process a performer uses to craft a performance, the technical aspects of location, POV, lighting, intricacies of costume and set detail. It both takes me out of a show or a concert because I'm critiquing and taking notes, and enhances the experience for me because I have some idea of the scope of what goes into the finished product.

I'm annoyingly detail oriented, and often lose sight of the overall picture.
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