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( Mar. 23rd, 2016 06:57 pm)
(apologies to those of you who may have seen this elsewhere)

100_5156 ed

Thrift shop china, the pot was $2.00, unmarked early 20th century American redware. The cream jug was a gift. Cream cheese and homemade raspberry-pomegranite preserves on half the rice cake, homemade lemon curd on the other.


Books, bears, tarot–Dreaming Way, Deviant Moon, Sun and Moon decks–and tea. The Peanut Gallery: Naomi Laight’s Georgiana, Steiff’s Snap-apart bear, assorted Steiff 10cm bears, one tiny artist’s bear, and Ralph, who started life as a keychain fob. Ralph and Timiny (Steiff, blue sweater) travel wherever I go, in a special pouch in my purse. The bears don’t care about tea, but they’re very fond of honey toast.
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( Jun. 30th, 2014 11:06 am)
I seem to have acquired a number of Rider-Waite decks. This one is my favorite.

Sometimes beginners' luck is a real and wonderful thing. I began my collection by buying the Londa (click "more samples") and the Aquarian (click) decks for myself. But the Rider-Waite is a classic, and I thought I should probably have a R-W deck for study. It didn't actually appeal to me visually and I felt I'd be satisfied with a used deck. I was casually cruising ebay, and ran across the University Books edition. Packaged in a brown slipcase box, the card backs feature wavy pink stripes on white, centered with a dark pink rectangle surrounding a pink ankh. Eight bucks and shipping, and it was mine.

RWS university books
That's the slipcase on the right, up there in the first pic. The card on the reverse of the slipcase was missing, but some research showed it was supposed to be the Empress. A friend scanned the Empress card from this deck and printed it onto card stock for me (made a couple of copies--more later), and I trimmed it, using the original card as template, and glued the copy in place on the slipcase.

The cards were in pristine condition, showed absolutely no wear, as if they'd never, or rarely, been used. The only damage to the slipcase, other than missing the Empress card, was normal shelf wear.

Ubooks RW slipcaseUbooks RW slipcase end 2rider-waite pink stripes and anhkA few cards from this edition--shown with a regular style box.

A while later, I bought a one of a kind designer tarot bag from an online vendor, and was surprised to find a used R-W deck inside. "For crafting," the designer wrote. In case I wanted to cut or glue the cards to a craft project of my own, since it was an incomplete deck. I went through the deck, obviously worn, but cared for, as it was slightly "soft", but not dirty or stained. And the only card missing was...the Empress. So I scanned the blue-black hatched plaid design on the back of this deck, and carefully cut and glued it to the extra copy of the Empress card my friend had made me, et voila! Another complete R-W deck.

Over time I accumulated a Universal Waite deck, a Giant Rider-Waite, a mini R-W, and even a Tarot of the New Vision, which is the R-W images, viewed from the back of each scene. And then another friend who has an ebay store gave me a boxed R-W she had found somewhere, again as "scrap", an incomplete deck. I checked carefully--all the cards are there. A little cleaning where needed, a little mending and reinforcing of the box with clear tape, a little cleansing of this deck and the surprise bagged deck, and my three "used" Rider-Waite decks are home and happy. I may find other, newer, better homes for the last two eventually. But the UBooks edition stays with me.

(pictures are not mine, as I am lazy and these are public domain)


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