I know, I know. I never call, I never write. I never make an appearance except to invite you all to tea. Here we are again. Again.

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Paragon's "Melanie" china, Portmeirion "Botannic Garden" teapot. Typhoo black in the pot. Makes a grey and rainy afternoon more cozy.

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BTW, I once emailed a co-worker who was telecommuting "you never call, you never write," and he was furious. He had never heard the expression before, and thought I was saying that he wasn't working during his telecommute day. He totally went off on me the next day, and said it was the rudest thing he'd ever heard, and his boyfriend thought the same. Jeez. H refused to believe me, and was pissed for days. Whatevs.
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Well, he's a poopyhead.

Have a graham cracker. They have cinnamon!

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Mmm, that sounds delicious. I actually have some on hand, because I made a Meyer Lemon Cheesecake a few weeks ago. The crust was a mixture of graham crackers and pecans, and was pretty tasty. I know have an actual legit dessert I can take somewhere. Have a slice (though you probably can't).

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Are you kidding? (I'm not logging out and in again. You know it's me. Don't fake gasp!) I would *mug* somebody for a bite of that! And I see no reason I shouldn't eat it--the graham cracker wheatness is minimal. Lemon trumps wheat, right? (And now that word is ruined for me forever. Ruined! Like evertyhing else 45 touches! Pfeh!)

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It has (of course) cream cheese (2.5 pounds!), heavy cream, eggs, Meyer lemons (can subst. regular lemons). Are you OK with all of those? You could always scrape the crust off. I'm going to try to make it for Passover for my friend and make the crust with pecans and matzoh, instead of graham crackers. We'll see. :)

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Oh, and I totally didn't get that reference the first time. A co-worker says she can know longer do two thumbs up.
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Through the journaling community :) I've been looking through all the recent posts and searching for some useful advice. And I found your comment.


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