In need of a bracing cup of tea and a cinnamon bun today.

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Doulton plate, Crafton cup and saucer, Foley cream and sugar, coin silver spoon, thrifted silverplate tongs. Cobalt pot isn't marked.

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Oh, look at all the pretty! Think I have that same cobalt teapot, too. Nothing like a cuppa for comfort. We all need some right about now.
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We did, we still do. Comfort is important. *hugs*

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My post-election commitment is to say out loud all the nice things I think to myself in passing. So, I want to tell you how much happiness your tea photos bring me. Every time I see then, I smile, and I can feel the warmth and calm all the way on the other side of the internet. Thank you for posting them.
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It makes me happy you feel that way. Putting a tray together and fiddling with the photos is a calming routine, almost a little ceremony for me. So I'm glad the pictures have that effect. Thank you for telling me.


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