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([personal profile] arliss Feb. 4th, 2012 10:11 pm)

Friday's tea.

This tree stands by a farmhouse in a bend of the river. It's a favorite with bald eagles. They gather to teach their juveniles to fish. There were twelve eagles in this tree yesterday: a pair and two single adults, the rest juveniles. Unfortunately, the camera was at home. There are seven eagles in this picture. The juveniles keep their subadult plumage for up to five years before their white head and tail feathers grow in.

Water sparkles off the bay shore this afternoon.
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Thanks! It was a beautiful day, hard to miss good pictures...unless you leave the camera at home!

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Lovely photos. What kind of cookies are those?

I am boggled by 12 eagles all together. I've seen reports of eagles here in Southeastern Michigan, but have never seen one. Just lots of turkey vultures, which are every bit as impressive in flight, but less so close up.
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I know! Between *eagles!* and *snow geese!* and *great grey herons!* (or GGH, as a neighbor calls them) and *OMG, swans!*, mirk-threaded black-green forests, rushing waters, flat, still bays and distant islands, and rocky, snow-covered crags, it's like living in all the fairy tales of my youth. When the cookies were better, actually.

These are apple-oatmeal with raisins, from the grocery store bakery, and wound up crumbled for the birds after a bite or two. The clementines were excellent, though!


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