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([personal profile] arliss Feb. 27th, 2017 05:55 pm)
H makes a vat of vegebarleybeef soup several times a year, particularly welcome in winter. He offered a quart to the next door neighbor, who said, "Oh, I couldn't eat that much!" and accepted a pint, instead. This afternoon we found the pint container on the back steps with homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies inside. I'm liking this arrangement!

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Minton's Haddon Hall plate, cup, and saucer, thrifted sugar and creamer, Portmeirion "A Fine Romance" teapot. It pleases me the tea towel has herbs printed in purple and green.
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From: [personal profile] sylsdarkplace

Sweet! Neighbor can be such unexpected commodities. I've alwas lucked out wherever I've lived. Sometimes I think moving here was a mistake, but then we have such great neighbors, old ones, new ones ... and we wouldn't have any of our kitties or one of the dogs if we hadn't so I can't call it a mistake.
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I know. There're pros and cons, no matter where you settle. Some things I miss dreadfully about NC--but I do know I couldn't live there now.

I'm glad you've got good neighbors, though. It means a lot.


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