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H makes a vat of vegebarleybeef soup several times a year, particularly welcome in winter. He offered a quart to the next door neighbor, who said, "Oh, I couldn't eat that much!" and accepted a pint, instead. This afternoon we found the pint container on the back steps with homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies inside. I'm liking this arrangement!

100_5616 cr sh final

Minton's Haddon Hall plate, cup, and saucer, thrifted sugar and creamer, Portmeirion "A Fine Romance" teapot. It pleases me the tea towel has herbs printed in purple and green.

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Cookies for soup is always a good arrangement :)

I love the pictures of your tea sets.
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Thank you! They're fun to put together, considering most of the pieces were found in junk shops and yard sales!
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Sweet! Neighbor can be such unexpected commodities. I've alwas lucked out wherever I've lived. Sometimes I think moving here was a mistake, but then we have such great neighbors, old ones, new ones ... and we wouldn't have any of our kitties or one of the dogs if we hadn't so I can't call it a mistake.
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I know. There're pros and cons, no matter where you settle. Some things I miss dreadfully about NC--but I do know I couldn't live there now.

I'm glad you've got good neighbors, though. It means a lot.
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Delightful and prettttttty and calming as always ♥♥ lovely arrangement indeed! YUM ♥
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Thank you! Anytime you're in the area (not that far from Vancouver, after all!) feel free to drop in. You can pick your own cup!

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Just how many teapots do you own, exactly?! :-)

And hasn't your neighbor ever heard of "freezing half for later"? My Great-Uncle Howard always told us, Never turn down anything someone offers to give you. As a matter of fact, he always took a large paper grocery bag with him, everywhere he went, "so he could put things in it." He said it was amazing how many people offered him things when he had that bag. (For all I know, he was collecting gambling debts.)

Still, cookies are a great trade!
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Um. Twenty-two? 100_5432 ed100_5440 ed2100_5442 ed (click on a pic to embiggen)
A couple are purely decor, one is on it's way to the annual neighborhood bazaar, another is, too, if its original owner doesn't want it back. I don't want to keep it locked in the back of the breakfront, never used or seen, so it needs to find someone who'll love it and use it. The rest? Mostly get used...sometimes. There's an antique china chocolate pot, too, but the silver(plate) coffee set got sold, years back. *G*
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*chuckle* Sounds like what happened to me with the girls in the apartment next door. I gave them some vegetable soup - they gave me green peppers - I gave them stuffed peppers - they gave me a cabbage and some corn. I gave them corn chowder and they gave me a bag of cookies - it was fun.
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Hee! Stone soup! And, good, friendly neighbors are very nice to have.