Blustery afternoon, building to gale force winds, 50 mph, this evening and overnight. Time for curling on the couch with some tea.


Shelley "Hedgerow" cup and saucer, plate is marked "Mira, Occupied Japan, Royal Chelsea sugar and cream jug, French triple plate spoon, unmarked tea pot.

May all who observe Thanksgiving tomorrow have one full of warmth and laughter. And those who don't are wished a happy Thursday, and your share of warmth and laughter as well.
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As always soo pretty and delicate and absolutely soothing ♥♥ Happppy Thursday/Thanksgiving if you celebrate, too, BB ♥
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It was lovely, thank you! I hope you had a good Thursday (and Friday!) too!
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Oh look, how lovely. I just want to curl up on the sofa and have a cuppa'.
Happy Thanksgiving my dear! Gobble gobble!
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Welcome anytime, hon! It would make me very happy to ply you with yummy beverages and nibblies.

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As per usual, I am swigging English breakfast out of my bright red mug with the Haida design, from the university bookstore: I shall never learn to be elegant. Fortunately you are in the world to take up the slack on that line. :-D
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Woman, you have met me. Elegance ain't anywhere in it! But, eh, pretty teacups are pretty. *hugs you tight* And red mugs with Haida designs are amazingly intriguing and cheerful!

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That reminds me: when P. and I were at BIMA Sunday, there was a glass sculpture by a Suquamish artist that I thought you would love. BIG blue-gray humpback whale; the piece was called "Gravitation", but I can't find a photo of it to show you.

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Lovely! I polished the silver and had my usual crab, asparagus and lemon tart Thanksgiving dinner. And crab omelette this morning and fettucine with crab for dinner. Mmm....


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