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([personal profile] arliss Aug. 3rd, 2016 04:07 pm)
In anticipation of late summer and fall, I thought this afternoon we'd celebrate in browns.

click to enlarge

The cloth is a dresser scarf with fancy french knots, satin stich, chain stitch, etc. embroidered by my mom, and edged with lace tatted by my grandmother.

I love the English Burslem pot, hand painted with foxgloves and tulips. The cups, Colclough, Sutherland's "Chiang," and Rosina "4951" all have brown details, and look cheerful gathered with the pot. One spoon is coin silver, the other spoons, the lemon fork and tongs are vintage silverplate. Nibbles are raspberry jam bar cookies, and oatmeal bites.
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I'm taking the cup on the bottom left with the thousand flowers. Move over babe and hold your nose, I'm pouring coffee in it : )
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You have excellent taste, my dear! That's the Rosina (not Roslyn, need to fix that), no name, just a number. It has apples, pears, daisies, acorns, ferns, and oak leaves. It's very symbolic of the seasons and things, and after I saw a picture of a cup in the pattern, I stalked one for almost two years before I ran this one to ground.

I'll happily let you use it anytime! For coffee, or hot cider, or whatever you like!
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Don't laugh! I couldn't help it! Okay, yes, it is to laugh. But! It is--and will be--my ONLY lemon fork!
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Oh how lovely! ♥ esp LOVE your beautiful embroidered cloth ♥♥
Thanks for sharing, BB ♥
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From: [personal profile] fufaraw

Oh, I'm so glad you like it. I have this one and one other they made, with embroidered butterflies in blue, and tatted lace edging. I wish there'd been more of their work to keep.

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I'm not sure how you managed it, but it doesn't look like a photo. The light makes it look like an old Dutch painting.
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From: [personal profile] fufaraw

Discovering the light from this window was a happy accident. At a certain time in the afternoon, especially on a cloudy day, it's just perfect for photographs.

I guess it does approximate that wintery northern light in those old paintings.

Thank you, love!


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