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([personal profile] arliss Jun. 9th, 2016 04:58 pm)
This afternoon's tea. Black? Or Earl Grey?

Dates stuffed with almonds and cream cheese, dredged in sugar, fresh strawberries, and boxed cookies.

100_5302 s2

Paragon China's "Melanie" pattern, antique silver spoons. The silver pot with bird finial on the lid was found derelict and heavily tarnished--it's shiny inside and out, now.

100_5305 s ed

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Ah, Earl Grey was always a favorite. Black tea is good, too!

A beautiful and elegant tea time! :D I love the pretty pattern on the china, and the tea pots are so lovely.

Mmm, the food looks delicious!

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From: [personal profile] fufaraw

There's enough for two, you're welcome anytime.

From: [identity profile]

Oh, goodness, those dates!

The doors are in! The blinds shall be installed Monday afternoon, and I shall very likely still be directing where the pictures are to go at that point, but after that we are more than ready to welcome company (and P. specifically said that we should have you and H. down as soon as your schedules allow). Everything is unwrapped, and Youngest Cat has been entertaining himself by jumping on the paper and chasing balls of packing tape around the floor.

That storm is coming around for another pass -- another cup of tea is called for.


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