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([personal profile] arliss May. 19th, 2016 09:38 pm)
It's been a while. I hope the flist is doing well. I thought I'd share some pictures.

Morning light in the garden. I love the delicate salal flowers.

And this afternoon's tea. Black Typhoo in the pot I found for $2.00, thrifted, unmarked early 20th Century American redware. Restaurant creamer, thrifted teapot stand, coin silver spoon, silverplate tongs. Mt. Clemens “Mildred” pottery, gifted, thrifted, and found. The plate was under a flowerpot with a dead plant in our apartment in Germany. It cleaned up nicely.
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Oh, pretty! They're also very soothing. Calming.

And I really would love to have tea with you! :)


p.s. - would you mind if I iconned those pictures? Because they're really, really calming.
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I'd be honored! Can you credit us both, me for the photos, you for the icons? And could I share the icons?

I was so pleased with the light in these--the tea ones have a little flavor of Flemish paintings, I think, just because of the light.

And I would love so much for you to come to tea!
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All looking beautiful!

Have missed your tea-time posts, hope you are keeping well.

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How utterly lovely, BB, so serene and pretty ♥♥♥

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There is such a feeling of serenity in these photos. Thank you for sharing them.
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I love your icon!

I can't identify as Buddhist, though I continue to study, and practice what I can. Seeing the statue in the garden makes me smile, makes me feel calmer, helps me focus, and I hope it isn't appropriative to have it there.

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So soothing and peaceful. It's all so lovely. <3