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Yes, that's tea--black and strong. Portmeirion teapot, teapot stand, plate, and tea strainer all courtesy of ebay. Other items from antiques shops: cup and saucer from Havelock, NC, tray from Kernersville, NC, cream jug from Southern Pines, NC, sugar bowl from Hillsborough, NC, tongs from Bellingham, WA. Full-leaded Typhoo in the pot, homemade pumpkin-walnut  bread garnished with plain nonfat yogurt. Nom!

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So pretty!

"Portmeirion teapot" piqued my curiosity enough to go look up whether there's a business called Portmeirion or the teapot is from the village in Wales. I found out there's a British company, Portmeirion Pottery, founded in the 1960s by the daughter of the man who designed and built the Welsh village. The Prisoner was filmed in Portmeirion Village.

It's not yet sunrise here, and already I've learned something!
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I have three Portmeirion teapots, and use them all the time. I *love* their stuff, and if I had unlimited income and somebody to wash and dust, I'd own a lot more. There's a series of mugs.... I've only seen pictures of the village, and of course, the Prisoner series. It appears very picturesque!

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Looks delish, sweetie! I love the cup and saucer.

I've always wanted some Portmeirion, but never managed to acquire any. Maybe when the kittiez and I move to the beach...
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I love the three Portmeirion teapots I have, and would have a lot more of the stuff if I could afford it...or really had need of it.

The cup and saucer was a lucky find. The blue centers of the flowers are raised dots--it's kind of cool!

What beach?
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Dude! Did you not read my post from months and months ago? When we retire, in about 5 years, the kittiez and I are moving to the beach in California. Our needs are simple--2 bedrooms (one for me, one for them), 1 bath, some sort of mass transit, and reasonable access to the doc., and a view of the water. Anything else is gravy. If I can't get a view, I might as well stay here, because I can always get view property here. I just want it to be warmer. And, no, I don't want to move to the beach in Oregon, as people keep telling me to do. It's lovely there, but it's not what I want.

I watch Beachfront Bargainhunt faithfully, I subscribed to Coastal Living, I check out Zillow and Red Fin all the time, I talk to people who lived there, I look at maps and read everything I can. We are going to make this happen. I've met with the retirement folks several times now, and I think we're on track. I'm going to put on a new roof, do some reno in the kitchen and bath, and figure out something to do with the patio. I think we'll be in good shape. You can come visit!

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Thank you! It had been a while. I'm sort of out of the habit, and trying to get back to posting once in a while.
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Thank you!

As for milk, depends on the tea. Dark and strong calls for milk, though, for sure!
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How did I miss this comment? (Waves oatmeal/walnut/cranberry cookies back at you!)


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