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( Dec. 18th, 2014 04:02 pm)
Some mornings when the better course would seem to be just not getting up, even for coffee, what motivates me out of bed is knowing I get to open another day on my Jacquie Lawson Advent calendar. A little sad, but you know, whatever works.

H just went out and bought a whole string of lights just for four replacement bulbs on our "pre-lit" tree--that has two swaths of impenetrable dark. Ooh! One of those just lit up.

Last night's supper was a giant bowl of steamed broccoli dusted with sea salt. Nom! I should do that more often.

I have not done cards. I have not sent the few presents I need to send. We blew off going to the movies this afternoon as neither of us could be arsed to care enough to go. I am overcome with ennui and the urgent need to nap. A brisk walk in the bracing air does not energize, it merely enhances the nappishness. Moar coffee just makes me both jittery *and* nappish, possibly entertaining for the observer. From here, not so much.

Perhaps I should open tomorrow's day on the advent calendar. Or go back and start at Day One again, that might be fun. Or nap. Naaap.


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